Join the Property Specialists who strive to be Better By Comparison.

Over the past years, Property.CoZa has become one of the fastest growing real estate companies in South Africa. This was achieved by hard work, passion and unrelenting commitment, but the following factors definitely assisted to make Property.CoZa better by comparison.

Financial Advantages: 

  • An innovative business model that means a bigger commission split for our agents (80% to our quality full status agents*).

  • Additional bond origination income to our agents (i.e. 0.05% = R500 for every R1m bondable business succesfully referred to our preferred service provider PFS*).

  • Additional, non-capped, recurring for life income stream (ever growing ANGEL / DIAMOND loyalty program*).

  • No desk fees, no service fees, no royalties deducted, no I.T. or system usage fees, no standard office contribution fees or any other hidden costs.

  • Free boards and poles.

  • Free weekly advertising in local media.

  • Free advertising on all the major property websites.

  • Rewards and recognition program - performances and rankings are updated electronically and visible at all times.

* Ask our Relationship Managers for more information about our excellent offerings.

Technological Advancement:

(no fees charged to use any of our systems or I.T. tools)
  • The use of e-property trading, website marketing and user-friendly IT systems allowing you freedom to operate from home, a coffee shop or our offices. (agents only pay for their own internet/data usage and printing outside of the office)

  • A range of user-friendly web tools allowing access to all documentation (document library) required to do professional marketing (electronic marketing brochures) as well as to conclude and facilitate a sale.

  • Free and unlimited access to property registration (deeds office) data, area statistical data as well as auto generated, personalised branded Comparative Market Analysis and Property Reports.

  • Electronically linked referral system between offices and agents.

  • Free website exposure to ±18 major property websites by capturing a listing only once.

  • A revolutionary real-time tracking and reporting web tool “Treasure Map” that keeps both clients and agents abreast of the entire transfer (after sale) process. (updated electronically - no administrative duties required from the agent)

  • Buyer pre-qualification web tool - quick credit check, quick client scoring report based on banks' scoring criteria, affordability and income qualification report as well as a pre-submission calculator which includes the major banks' latest LTV (loan to value) criteria.

Additional In-House Services:

  • In-house, pre-approved transfer attorneys and conveyancers linked electronically with our I.T. systems offering support and sound legal advice.

  • In-house financial services division (Property.CoZa Financial Services) assisting with pre-qualifying buyers as well as providing origination and bridging finance services.

Support and Development:

  • An experienced management team to guide and assist.

  • A fully operational office structure at your disposal during office hours.

  • Association with a team of quality professional property specialists.

  • A rewarding career with one of the fastest growing real estate companies in SA.

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