A buyer has been found for your property and now the challenging process of contracts, financing, attorneys and administrative tracking begins. Property.CoZa gives you all the support you need. 

In-house financial services division: Property.CoZa Financial Services.

To speed up the sales process, Property.CoZa offers bond origination services with the four major banks as well as SA Home Loans. We also offer bridging finance to our clients at affordable rates. (A seller may have the need to bridge funds out of the sale of a property for a next deposit, or to start renovation and building work on a new home.) 

Our in-house transfer attorney / conveyancer does it all for you.

The legal process can be utterly confusing and intimidating. Property.CoZa South Africa offers you dedicated in-house legal service from one of our panel Attorney Firms. 
In addition to transfer services, our panel of Transfer Lawyers offers assistance with bond cancellation, advice on FICA compliance, and other potential risk areas (such as 'voetstoots' clauses, the Consumer Protection Act, double commission claims and occupation dates).

Please note that it is your prerogative as the seller to appoint a transfer attorney of your choice.
Image titleTreasure Map keeps you in the loop.

A key part of Property.CoZa's excellent service to sellers and buyers is the innovative transparent online transaction tracking system, which is available exclusively to all parties involved in a transaction entrusted to one of our Property Lawyers who forms part of our panel of approved Transfer Attorney firms. 

The Treasure Map Client Website Report allows clients and agents to track the transfer progress of their transactions on a dedicated website, from the day the transaction was concluded and submitted to the conveyancer, until the day of registration. You can track whether the bond has been approved, the deposit paid and whether all relevant documents have been signed by the seller and the buyer. Simply use your unique password to access the Treasure Map client website. You will also receive a weekly update report via e-mail informing you of the progress or any reasons for delay.

"We pride ourselves in our endeavours to deliver an imcomparable after-sales service that puts the client first and forsters lifelong relationships."