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  • We complete a written Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to determine the market related value of your property on request. A comparison of similar recently sold properties in your area is included.

  • Property.CoZa erects a 'For Sale' sign outside your property within 24 hours after listing the property – a crucial step that attracts potential buyers and often the cause of a sale.

  • You get constructive feedback in order to enhance your home for optimal positioning in the market. 

  • We take appealing photos that do your property justice for our advertising displays and e-marketing. 

  • We list your property on our website and also on the most active and prominent South African property sites.

  • We prepare a personalised property brochure in printable as well as electronic format to be distributed to our existing database of buyers.

  • We develop a buyer profile, based on the type of property and its location.

  • We place selected advertisements aimed at your specific target market. 

  • We advertise your property to all the agents in our office, so that they might recommend it to their clients. A mature Property.CoZa office normally boasts around 40 agents, each with their own database of clients. This is a powerful referral tool giving your property exposure to a bigger number of viable buyers.

  • Your property is offered to qualified buyers in our national database. In some areas Property.CoZa even forms part of the local multi-listing service, further expanding your target audience.

  • We screen potential buyers for viewings by appointment.

  • We develop a specific show house campaign for you. Show houses are important as they stimulate interest. This one-day event cause minimum disturbance for you as the seller, as you only have to get your home ready for viewing once. Show times are determined to suit you. Your agent sends out electronic invitations to our buyer database and print invitations to distribute to at least 25 properties in the direct vicinity. The show house creates a sense of urgency as it lays a foundation for competition between the various viewers. You receive prompt feedback from your agent that includes offers received during the show house, comments made by buyers in the show house register, as well as courtesy calls by a Sales Manager. 

  • We update you regularly on the progress of the marketing plan and review your price strategy.

  • We follow up on all potential leads.

  • You receive regular progress reports via email or as agreed upon.

  • We present you with all written offers and explain legal clauses. We can also help you make an informed decision whether to accept an offer or not, especially offers that include “subject to” clauses. 

  • We fully adhere to the terms of the code of conduct (Act 112 of 1976) issued by the Estate Agency Affairs Board. 

Trust us. By opting for an exclusive mandate, you incrementally improve your chances of success. Through a customised marketing plan and selling strategy, your property gets full exposure to the right target audience – leading to the most lucrative sale in the shortest possible time frame. In addition, an exclusive mandate gives your property an air of exclusivity, which makes it even more desirable to the right buyer!