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  • Repair leaking taps and toilets.

  • Tighten doorknobs and cupboard latches.

  • Repair cracked plaster.

  • Touch up chipped paintwork.

  • Clean any caulking around baths and basins.

  • Replace blown light bulbs.

  • Oil squeaking doors.


  • Clean and freshen bathrooms and toilets.

  • Clean sink of dirty dishes.

  • Clean refrigerator and stove.

  • Clean and freshen carpets.

  • Keep curtains fresh and clean.

Create Space

  • Clean rooms & stairs of clutter.

  • Store any surplus furniture, clear kitchen counters.

  • Ensure that your cupboards are tidy.

Outside Appeal

  • Cut lawns..

  • Trim hedges and shrubs..

  • Weed and edge flowerbeds..

  • Pick up any litter..

  • Rid driveway of leaves and grease stains..

  • Touch up paintwork..

  • Repair loose doorknobs, sticking doors & cracked windowpanes..

Create Buying Mood

  • Arrange to be absent during ‘showing’..

  • Avoid children tagging along..

  • Leave showing to agents..

  • Let agents discuss price, terms & other factors with clients..

  • Turn on all lights..

  • Turn on air conditioning..

  • Play quiet background music..

  • Add charm with flowers..

  • Never apologise for the appearance of your home..